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Irina; 19, Broke college student majoring in linguistics . My bias is Pyo Jihoon. I watch TV shows and movies and kdramas all day because I have no life.



George R. R. Martin is a terrible wedding planner.

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" The ferry tragedy made me realized something. First of all, some people should go to jail for being LITTERALY stupid & ignorant. Second of all, it confirmed how much I want to go live in South Korea, because people there have some GODDAMN RESPECT. You would hardly see any other countries put a stop to all media schedule over an incident. But they do. And everyone should show at least some respect to them. Your MV will be released anyway, but some people right now might never even see the face of their loved ones again. So please, stop acting like a damn brat & open your eyes. "

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"makes me realise how much i want to go live in sk"

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MAYBE if u didn’t want ur son to EAT poeple u shouldnt have named him something that rhymes with cannibal u should have name him hegetarian or something

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